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HolisticDG.com is the brainchild of holistic technologies (Pvt) Ltd. For shopping through HolsticDG.com all customers and users are subjected to the terms and conditions mentioned by the holistic technologies and holsticDG.com. 

Products and services mentioned on the site are considered as an invitation to offer. For every order purchased through the site, terms and conditions will be applicable, the site holds the right to accept or reject any offer. The party making the offer will be notified through the email as soon as possible, this will include the confirmation receipt. Additionally, the company will be asking for details through the email address for processing the order. The order acceptance will take place on product dispatch and can not be done in any case before the dispatch. 

Membership Eligibility

For using the sire for shopping, all elements of the contract must be met by the shopper otherwise, shopper will not be considered qualified for using the site. In case the shopper has been declared “incompetent for contract” according to the law, he will not be considered eligible for using the website.

The shopper who falls below the age set for minor according to the country law will only be able to shop under the supervision of legal guardienne. People below the age of 13 are not only required to shopper under supervision but their legal guardian must accept the terms and condition and transact and register on behalf of the minor shopper. Additionally, any product for adult use is strictly prohibited to be purchased via the site by any minor. 

The site has complete right reserved to terminate or cancel the membership or delivery of a product at any time if they find a minor shopper. After termination or cancellation of the membership, the site will no longer be available for the user with suspended membership. 

For the registered business entities on-site, compliance with the law and user agreement is a must. For the business entities registered from outside the country or city, compliance of law remains according to the local law that is applicable in the region. 

The site holds the rights to deliver the product within the jurisdiction and will not be responsible for any claims if the product order falls outside of the jurisdiction. 

Some products might have additional terms and condition, in this case, shopper must comply by both terms and conditions. By accepting to shop through the site, the shopper is indirectly and directly accepting all the mentioned terms and conditions. 

Account and Registration Obligations

Any information provided and shared by the shopper during the registration, listing, feedback or buying process will be protected according to the privacy policy of the site. 

A shopper at all times while using the site has to maintain the confidentiality of the account and password. 

In case of any damage due to negligence on part of the shopper for using the password and account, HolsiticDG.com will not be responsible for such negligence. In case of misuse of a password or suspecting the use of the password by anyone else, shopper must notify the site management right away. Any breach, misuse or suspect of the wrong claim might lead to suspension of the user account without any liability by the site. 

Information Agreement:

  • The information provided on the site is true, accurate, recent and can be filled in the holistic DG registration form or registration data.
  • User has to maintain and update the registration data to keep it accurate, recent and complete.
  • In case, management of the site suspect the information provided on the site is not true, holsticDG.com holds the right to suspend or terminate the membership or completely refuse the access of the site to the person.

Pricing Information

HolsiticDG.com ensures accurate information on the site however, there may be some inaccurate information, description or pricing mentioned on the site. In such conditions, the site holds the right to only confirm the price after the order has been placed. The site will not be responsible if the price for a product is mentioned incorrect, the site encourages cross-checking in such conditions. 

In case of wrong information or pricing, the site reserves the right to cancel any order unless the product has been dispatched already. In case price mentioned is not right, management will contact for instruction or simply cancel the order after notifying the buyer. 

Unless the product is not dispatched, the site holds the right to change or modify the price and contact the buyer for notifying about change via email. On accepting the order and payment via credit card, the amount will be debited to the card and the buyer will be notified via email. Before dispatching the package, the amount will be debited which means that on cancellation of the order, the money will be credited back and no cash disbursement will be carried out at any point. 

HolsticDG.com tries to make sure the prices listed are the best in the market however, the price may vary from the price available in-store. Our effort is to reduce the price and update it according to the geographical region and this might affect the price sometimes. Additionally, the availability, as well as the prices, may change without any notice. 


Orders mentioned at the site will be delivered within 2-7 working days nationwide. Home appliances or bigger items might take 5-10 working days depending on the city, additional charges will be added to the category depending on the size. The site also holds the right to refuse their service in a few areas of the country. 


HolisticDG.com reserves the right to accept or cancel any order according to their convenience.  Cancellation situation varies depending on the events, the order can be cancelled along with the quantity and limitations for purchase, any error related to the pricing or product including the payment issues within the credit card or any fraud that has been detected. Additional verification is also required in few cases before order acceptance, in case of cancellation of the order site will notify the user. If cancellation takes place after the payment via credit card, payment will be reversed back. 

Quality Check

HolsticDG.com conducts a quality check on the dispatched products, if at any point the product is observed to be faulty or broken during the quality check, the site will reserve the right to cancel the order or delay it, however, the buyer will be notified accordingly. 

Cancellations by the Customer

In case of cancellation of the order that has not been processed or approved by the site, the amount will be refunded back to the account. However, the cancellation will not be applied if the product is already been dispatched and shipped.  company reserves the right to give the final decision about the cancellation and the buyer must comply by the rules. 

Credit Card Details 

By agreeing to this, you agree that all the information shared including the credit card details are correct and accurate. Moreover, you are not using any credit card, which is not lawfully yours. Any shared information by the shopper will not be shared with any third party or utilized for any other purpose than buying the selected products. Details can also be shared with any third party, for verification of data or to ensure that the information shared is for law, regulatory authority or court. In case of credit card fraud, the site will not be responsible, any wrong information provided will be on the user and to prove it otherwise will be the responsibility of the user.     

Fraudulent /Declined Transactions

On discovery of any fraud or scam on part of the user, holsticDG.com has the right to proceed legally with the individual and the site is subjected to receive the cost of goods, the legal fee as well as collection charges from the user. This is also applicable in case of any unlawful act, breach of contract or not complying by the terms and conditions. 

Electronic Communications

The communication done on the site is through electronic means i.e. email or site visit. On entering the email, the user indicates that the company will be able to send emails on the shared email or by posting on the site directly. By agreeing to this, the user agrees that the notice, disclosure and other documents sent will depict the process and can be used for the legal process. 


In case the package doesn’t deliver at the right time or gets cancelled due to the mistake of the user (unavailability of full data or wrong information), site will charge extra for redelivery, if claimed. 

The user needs to agree with the site policies, its affiliates, consultants and other contracted companies to shop through the site. everything on the site has to be legal and must have to be according to the law of state.

Customer needs to agree that information provided on the site is true and authentic and HolisticDG reserves the right to confirm and verify the user information provided by the customer. 

If provided information is wrong, not true or fake according to verification done by the site, holsiticdg.com reserves the right to reject the registration and refuse the service. This rejection will also be applicable on affiliated website and the company does not have to notify the user. 

User needs to agree that he has read everything and he is using his judgment for selection of products and he is taking full responsibility of the transaction he is going to make via website. 

User needs to agree that the address shared on site, is true along with rest of the information shared on the site by the user. 

Users has ensured all the details and have checked the description carefully before placing the order. By placing order, user will be shopping via site according to the terms and conditions set by the site. 

The site or the app by HolisticDG.com can not be used for following:

Site can not be used for harassing anyone, using abusive language, doing anything illegal, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or objectionable. 

Sharing any information that can trigger offense or can create a criminal offense against the state law or can lead to civil law suit or anything else. In this case, relevant law, regulation and penal codes will be applied against the user for such acts. 

User while shopping through site agrees that the cost for the international delivery will be higher and the buyer will be paying additional charges to cover duties, taxes and custom fee. 

User can not gain any unauthorized access with other computers or with the computer being used. 

User will not interfere with the working or use of someone else on the site or with the working of other affiliated and connected sites. 

User will not be involved in any law breach. 

User will not use, copy or store electronic copy of any material subjected to copyright from the website without permission of the management. 

Cash on Delivery 

Terms and Conditions

Terms and condition apply to cash and delivery of all products listed on the website.

Cash on delivery option is only applicable to selected items isolated on the website

On selection of store pick up option, the order will only be reserved for three days after the confirmation of the order after three days order will be cancelled automatically.

Cash on delivery will be done within 2-5 business days, however, an exception may occur depending on special situations.

In case the user has a history of cancelling orders with the company, the company has the right to exempt the option of cash on delivery option for that person. 

After two consecutive cancellations with the company, the customer will be declared defaulter and will be required to pay in advance for any order.