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The site does not take responsibility for any warranty or guarantee and provide all the products on the condition of “as is”. The customer while shopping through the site has to bear the risk linked with the site.

Everything available on the site and the overall content comes from the internet sources and other sites, holisticDG.com try to ensure everything on the site is correct and described at the best of the abilities, however, doesn’t accept the responsibility if the conditions are not favourable or stated description is not correct. 

In case of errors or omissions in the product result that has been searched or in case of a technical issue faced by the customer on-site, holsticDG.com will not be responsible. 

This disclaimer works an important part of the user agreement and has to be accepted by the customer to shop at the site.

The product warranty and content disclaimer are not applied to the product that has been manufactured by another company or brand with product specifications specified by the manufacture.  This disclaimer works an important part of the user agreement and has to be accepted by the customer to shop at the site.

For using promotion code or discount coupon, the buyer can only use one voucher for a single transaction at a time unless or until the voucher or code is applicable for more than one transaction and has been written or mentioned on the code or coupon.

Under the applicable law, the management of HolsticDG.com and the suppliers will not be responsible for any kind of direct, indirect, accidental, incidental, exemplary or consequential damage. The site will also not be responsible for further damage including loss of profit, goodwill, data or any other tangible loss due to the service or user agreement. In case of damage, the customer cannot claim this to the site at any point of the transaction.


The overall dependence of the liability that arises from the above-mentioned agreement is dependent on the value of the product that has been ordered by the customer, the section above applies to all orders without any discrimination. OlsticDG.com holds responsible for all the liabilities that arise out of user agreement including the tort and contract law. 

The site is linked to the technology partners and associates who will not take any responsibility for the accuracy, reliability, timeline, content or completeness of the description mentioned don the site. Additionally, these partners and associates are not concerned about the text, software, graphics, links, information or any other communication that has been provided on-site. The site or the partners do not claim that the site is error-free or will not face any interruption. 

The site doesn’t accept any liability in case of any monetary or other damage suffered by the buyer due delay in order, failure or interruption in the delivery process. Additionally, the site will not accept any liability for the corruption of the information that is concerned with the site and the operation errors.


The data on the site is secure and the user is prohibited to violate the data security through any attempt of breaching the security of site without any limitation applied on the site. Users can not access any data that is not linked to the login process and can not access the server not authorized by the site to be accessed by the buyer. In case of any breach of the security by the user, the site will have complete authority of taking strict action against the user according to the law. 

User can not scan, probe or test the vulnerability of the system, site or network without any authorization from the proper authority or management.

Any attempt to interfere with the working, service, network or host via the use of a virus, spamming, flooding, overloading, crashing or mail-bombing will be held responsible without any limitation.

Any attempt of sending unsolicited email, advertisement or promotion of services or products will also be considered as a breach.

In case of any forging of TCP/IP packet header or copying of any header information given in email/ newsletter that has been posted along with any violation of the system or network security will also be held responsible under the civil and criminal lawsuit according to the law.

In case of any breach of the above mentioned policies, holsticDG.com will investigate the violation and will be involving the authorities, law enforcement agencies and other authorities in the prosecution to address the violation. 

By agreeing to the polices on this site, you also agree that you will not be using any device, software or any other product that can interfere with the working of the site or any activity that is being conducted.

The user according to the set agreement will not be using any engine, tool, software or any other devices or system including various forms of browsers, robots, web crawlers and other agents to search or navigate the site other than just using the search engine or search agents that are available on the site. 

Everyone on the site including the publishers, authors, agents and employees working on holsticDG.com have ensured that information available on the site is accurate, however, in case the information on the website is not accurate for a category, policy or product, the site will not accept any responsibility for the loss, injury or damage as a result of that misinformation. As a result of any misinformation on the site, the company will also not compensate for any damage or travel agreement that has been decided by the user.

For the information that is used from this site and depending on the information any reservation or travel arrangement made by the user by contacting anyone through the site will only be done by the user on his own risk, the site will not take any responsibility for such cases.

Although the information mentioned on the site is ensured to be correct however, it is encouraged that the information is verified by the user through relevant authorities before making any reservations and travel arrangements. This also includes the visa requirements, transportation details along with health and safety requirements of the customer.

The information, documents, graphics and other details mentioned on the site are added as “as is” basis and the publisher, agent, employee or the author are not to be held responsible for the warranty or statutory of any type.

With regards to the site, everyone including the agents, authors as well as the employees will not be held responsible for the warranties and conditions that have already been mentioned on the site and this also includes the limitation, disclaimers or any applied conditions and warranty. Additionally, ensuring the fitness of the products, title, merchantability or any other clause will also not be addressed by the client against the site.

The site owner, author, publisher, agent or employees will not be held responsible for any possible direct, indirect, special or consequential damage that took place due to negligence or contract or any other action that arise sue to the performance of the site on the internet or the information and documents that are provided on the site related to the information on the site.

The information stated on the site including the documents and graphics might include few technical errors and typographical errors.

On-site changes are done parodically, however, the site holds the right to change the product description or any related information at any time. Any linked site within the content of the holsticDG.com is not under the control of the management and so author, publishers, management, owners or any employee cannot be held responsible for the content or link on the linked site.

Any external link on the site is mentioned just for the convenience of the user and mentioning of any such link doesn’t specifically indicates that the site is involved in endorsement of the linked site. 

Reviews expressed on the site belong to the individuals who have stated these view and reviews. These reviews are the personal opinions of the users and site does not endorse any such opinions.

Note: all the products mentioned don the site is 100% new and genuine. 

Disclaimer: the information on the site is checked by the publishers and authors however, it is not claimed to be 100% accurate. Users are encouraged to double-check and verify the data mentioned on the site. The colour mentioned on the product and the illustration of the colours within the products may vary.

HolisticDG.com has all the rights reserved to cancel any order if they find any discrepancy on the details of the products. Some of the main causes of order cancellation have been listed:


Order cancellation is valid if the image placement of the product is wrong. Images on the website are meant just for illustration and may have the wrong colour. 


Order cancellation in case the price mentioned for the product is wrong. 


The validity of information mentioned on the product is usually ensured by the publishers however, in some cases product feature may differ according to the geographical regions and the product might not have the same features as mentioned.

Entire Agreement

If case a part of the agreement is invalid or not implementable according to the enforced law in the country, then the part of the law will be replaced by the provision that closely matches the intent of the written clause and is valid and applicable according to the law in the region, this, however, if not applicable in the liability limitation criteria, warranty disclaimers and other parts of the policy stated, this way the actual agreement stated will continue to be enforced.

On buying a product through the site, the buyer will abide by the agreement as this agreement takes place between the buyer and the site, these clauses have to be accepted as a whole or the buyer will have to need a written exception. In case there is no written exception, any prior proposal, electronic, oral or written exception will not be accepted. In case of any breach of the stated rules by the user, this will be taken very seriously and acted upon as stated in the law.

Delay in Order or Cancelation

  • If the information by the client is incomplete or incorrect, the company has the right to hold or delay the deliveries.
  • If the bank raises concerns about the authenticity of the transaction, orders may be placed on hold by the site.

General Currency for Dealing

The standard currency that is used in our e-commerce site is PKR or Pakistani rupee and in case of using a credit card supplied by a bank other than within Pakistan, the amount may vary depending on the exchange rate fluctuation and added charges that the bank may have enforced and issued on the card.

Country of the merchant domicile:

holisticDG.com is a limited liability company that is registered in Pakistan and working in Lahore city.