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Remax Micro USB To Charging And Data Syncing Converter For Type-C RA-USB1 - Silver

SKU: REM-100113
PKR 350
100% Authentic
Brand Warranty
2-7 Days Delivery

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Brand Remax


Type C
Output 5V
Input 5V
Color Silver
  • Type:Adapter OTG USB type C - microUSB
  • Color:silver
  • maximum data transfer speed 500 Mb / s, maximum current 3A
  • Remax adapter OTG Type-C to USB is a high quality adapter cable that can be used to connect to a USB smartphone and also to connect 12 "peripheral devices (printers, scanners, phones, USB drives, hard drives)
  • to Apple MakBook ." Assigning a connection to a smartphone USB drives, connecting to Apple MakBook 12 "peripherals (printers, scanners, phones, USB drives, hardware tkih disks).