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Remax CK100 Mobile Recording Studio Microphone Holder - Black

SKU: e20
PKR 2,050
100% Authentic
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Brand Remax


Style Handheld Microphone
Type tieline/usb charging cable
Color Black
    Buildyour own private recording studio
    Allyou need is a live recording holder to become a net star.
  2. Anchor's standard configuration,Theanchors are useing it for live recording holder, for mobile phone karaoke,computer karaoke, recording studio recording, webcast, see lyrics, etc.
  3. Solidbase: metal locking-type base, adjustable freely, maximum support of 6CM.When fixed, it is recommended that the fabric type should be added, and thelock should be tightened to protect the lock, not with the glass material.
  4. The adjustable Black Scissor Arm Stand is made of high quality steel frame, plastic Mic Clip (INCLUDED), sturdy anddurable. Folding type, convenient to carry. The adjustable arms allow you tocarry it with you easily and adjust the suitable angle and height to show yourperfect voice. Can be mounted on the announcers' table with the Table MountingClamp(INCLUDED).
  5. Compact microphone stand designed for heavy duty carry. Suitable for any stores, families, stages, studios,broadcasting and TV stations, etc. Completely flexible, firmly attach themicrophone anywhere.
  6. Special anti noise cover net for recording, filter sound, dust, bacteria. Double layer filter screen designed to effectively filter the outside of excess vibration, noise, wind and other chaotic signals, to achieve the original sound reproduction, so that you only recorded pure sound
  7. Powerful mobile phone clip, the largest support of 7.8 inches IPAD MINI, applicable to most of the smart phones on the market, folder wide 14CM, chuck silicone cushion, do not hurt the phone
  8. 40MM wheat frame, support most of the handheld microphone on the market, microphone fixed frame, firm, not easy to fall
  9. The double spring is more stable, the metal spring support does not shake, altogether has 4 spring shockproof devices, lets you safely live happily, chats, sings
  10. High density magnesium aluminum alloy, metal material, more stable, more durable