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Gorilla Camera And Mobile Tripod Stand 829 - Black

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Dimensions 330x90x90mm
Weight 550g
Capacity 2kg
Compatible For DSLR, Mobile phone
Color White/Black


Model 829
  1. Gorilla tripod camera enthusiasts often need more than two hands to capture the perfect moment.
  2.  Using a horusbennu sm-829 tripod allows for better-quality photos, even those taken from a more challenging perspective.
  3.  This flexible-joint tripod, also known as the spider pod, weighs a little over one pound but can hold nearly nine pounds. 
  4. The base plate on this horusbennu tripod is rubber coated to prevent camera slippage. 
  5. Even with its compact size, the horusbennu sm-829 is able to hold video cameras and cameras with or without a zoom lens. 
  6. To create one-of-a-kind shots, users mold the pliable, jointed legs of this flexible-joint tripod into various positions. 
  7. Photos can be taken from uneven surfaces, fence posts, or even tree branches by twisting the flexible legs to obtain the desired perspective.
  8.  When folded flat, this horusbennu tripod is only 12-inches tall and 3-inches wide and long.
  9.  The horusbennu sm-829 is popular for photographers interested in macro photography